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We offer top quality and all natural lotions, oils, balms, rubs, bath salts and salves.

MammaMichal was started because we couldn't find truly all natural body care products, including at farmers markets. There is hardly any other company out there that makes freshly crafted body care products and avoids using any man made chemicals and preservatives. Thus we stepped up to fill the void.

Our products are made from pesticide & herbicide free freshly harvested flowers and herbs along with certified organic essential oils and other natural ingredients. The ingredients that are not homegrown are procured from our trusted and reputable vendors. Our labels disclose all of the ingredients, so you know exactly what you are pampering yourselves with. So browse around, check out the featured products and try us out. If you want a lotion, balm or salve custom made to your specs, do let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate!

From our family with love and care to yours.

Dominic & Michal Circolone

Founders of MammaMichal's Freshly Made Body Care Products



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