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Donna Cardenas

Donna Cardenas carries and uses MammaMichal's Freshly Made Body Care Products as an added value of her excellent service for her clients. If you live in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and would like to not only experience Donna's wonderful massage but enjoy our products first hand, make an appointment with her at your convenience. Namaste! :)

We are proud to announce that gym is now carrying our Hot Lava Muscle Rub.
If you're looking for a great workout with "all the fixings" (they have a massage therapist on staff as well as carrying protein powders and other healthful supplements, and now MammaMichal's Hot Lava Muscle Rub), and you reside in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Power1K is the gym for you!

Janca's Jojoba Oil & Seed Co.

They are our absolute favorite supplier for carrier and essential oils. Great service, great prices, and fellow Arizonans (Mesa, Arizona).

Tel: 480 497-9494