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Customer Feedback from Evelene S. on October 18, 2012
"I love the Rose Lotion, the smell is so beautiful. I love how it is not greasy and leaves my skin so soft. Thank you so much."

Customer Feedback from Hayley R. on October 28, 2011
I received your Hot Lava Muscle rub and Healing Salve. Oh wow, I barely finished getting it on my husband's back after he worked the night shift as a welder and he said he felt incredible and we had to buy more! I also gave him the salve to use on his burns and they have healed better than ever! Thanks for a great product! I look forward to buying more!

Customer Feedback from Julianne C. on April 17, 2011
I just wanted to say a big thank you. My daughter had a staph rash that cleared up with help from your herbal salve and now my baby boy (3) probably has strep and keeps complaining that his neck hurts. After giving him a massage with your arnica infused oil, not one complaint! Thank you thank you!

Customer Feedback from Teresa M. on April 14, 2011
My 16 year old son, like many teenagers, has struggled with acne. He's tried proactiv. clearasil, noxzema, and a whole line of others. Last night I applied your herbal healing salve to a couple of spots just to try it out and AMAZINGLY this morning it was alot less red and is drying up just after one use! Thank you soooooo much!!!

Customer Feedback from Kimberly M. on March 8, 2011
I received my Hot Lava Muscle Rub last week. I recently finished a 10-week pain management program for fibromyalgia and arthritis. As part of my rehabilitation I am doing 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. The exercise often leaves my muscles and joints very sore. I used the rub on my knees the other night. First of all, the smell is WONDERFUL, unlike any muscle rub I've previously used. It smells yummy enough to eat! A very little bit went a very long way and gave the muscles around my knees the relief they needed after a long, active day. Thanks MammaMichal!

Customer Feedback from Rachel M. J. on October 25, 2010
MammaMichal's Freshly Made Body Care Products has the most amazing stuff. I FINALLY found something that is clearing up my face...getting rid of horrible diaper rashes (that nothing else would clear up) and lotions that make my winter dry skin super soft. Check out the Herbal Healing Salve (my personal f...ave) and pick up some of the other products while you are at it! Support another WAHM!

Customer Feedback from Karen M. W.   on Oct 23, 2010
   Mmmm, I just tried MammaMichal's Chocolate Mint lip balm (it is verrrry dry here in AZ) and I love it! Perhaps being a chocoholic has something to do with it. I'm keeping this lip balm on my desk so I can apply it several times a day and reap the full benefits of all the healthy, skin-nourishing ingredients. Thank you MammaMichal! :)

Customer Feedback from Shanna P. on September 14, 2010

My lotion and lipbalm came in the mail. I was so excited when I opened the package because you could SMELL such a frangrant and beautiful smell! The lotion (english garden) leaves my skin smelling so yummy and feeling so smooth without any oily residue and the lip balm (chocolate mint) didn't have any weird fake chocolate taste too it! It wasn't sticky or oily. The peppermint lipbalm is also really great. My 3 1/2 year old has stolen it though, she loves it! Thank you so much!!!

Customer Feedback from Amanda K. on July 29, 2010
I was finally able to get a chance to use my Bath Salts. Between being sick and taking care of sick kids I knew I needed to relax in a warm bath. I poured my bottle of English Garden Bath Salts into the water as it was running and from the moment I slipped into the bath I was just delighted by the amazing aroma. It was so relaxing and exactly what I needed after a long and tiring week. I can't recommend this product enough not only for the price and the fact that it is all natural, but because it actually works. Sometimes it seems like you have to make a choice, a good product and spend an arm and a leg or a reasonably priced product that doesn't work as well. I got the best of both worlds. Thank you again for sharing your amazing products with me!!

Customer Feedback from Karen M. W. on July 29, 2010
Just wanted to let you know that the rose lotion I picked up on Sunday is AMAZING! Essential rose oil is my signature scent (besides, I just love the smell). And your lotion smells like fresh roses (none of that headache producing chemical rose scent). Plus it is so emollient that a little goes a long way. My skin, and even my hands, stay smooth and silky for hours. In AZ that is saying a lot! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Customer Feedback from Crystal A. on June 4, 2010
By happenstance, I've been keeping Mamma Michal's Salve in the kitchen and I recently burned my finger on an extremely hot pot. It should have blistered. I first rinsed in cold water, but I immediately applied the salve and the pain ceased greatly. I applied 2 more times over the course of the afternoon and it healed very nicely... So glad I had that on hand! (No pun intended)

Customer Feedback from Scarlet P. on March 21, 2010
My mom was just visiting me and she tried your healing salve on her face where a chemical peel had really irritated her skin. It helped so much she took it home with her! I need to get more now!

Customer Feedback from Fran F. on Feb 19, 2010
Hi Michal. I got your package. Thanks! I love all of it. I had a cut on my hand that had been there for awhile. I used the healing salve on it for a few days, and it is completely healed. My hands feel so smooth after using the lotion, and the fragrance is wonderful. I don't like lotion that has too much of a scent. This has just a hint of lavender without being overpowering. I love it. The lip balm is great too. It doesn't have that waxy feel like a lot of other balms do. These products will definitely help get me through the harsh Chicago winters. It's also very nice to read a label and know what everything in the product is. Thanks again!

Customer Feedback from Gina Thomas on Dec 13, 2009
I received the shipment of your products. Haley already started using the rosy lips lip balm and she loves it.
Earlier I put on some peppermint, and I LOVE the way my lips feel!

Customer Feedback from Joe Richmond on Oct 13, 2009
I enjoy the smell of MammaMichal's Lip balm. I use it everyday and haven't had chapped lips since.

Customer Feedback from Dona Cardenas on Sep 28, 2009
I use MammaMichal's Lavender Lotion on my clients for massage. I love the texture and smell of the lotion. I receive a lot of compliments from my clients as well.

Customer Feedback from JP Bell on Sep 10, 2009
Simply stated, Mamma Michal's products are fantastic, affordable, and natural! What a relief to finally have natural products available without toxic chemicals and unhealthy preservatives. I love natural peppermint products, and Mamma Michal's peppermint lip balm is absolutely wonderful. I am delighted to report that I have raving reviews for the refreshing peppermint lip balm and the gentle and soothing herbal healing salve. The rose lotion has an amazing and luxurious scent that enhances intimate encounters between couples. The natural rose hydrosol is a potent and intoxicating ingredient that maintains superior quality and will never disappoint! You can't go wrong with Mamma Michal's natural products.

Customer Feedback from Ron Circolone on Sep 10, 2009
I used Mamma Michal's products with good results. The herbal healing salve was very effective for minor cuts and insects bites with no side effects. The lavender lotion makes a great hand cream with a great lavender scent. The lip balm is also very good with a great mint taste. I recommend Mamma Michal's products for those looking for natural effective body care products.

Customer Feedback from Shari Mattaliano on Sep 6, 2009
I enjoy using the products I received from Mamma Michal. I received my package in a timely fashion. The lavender body lotion has a wonderful fragrance and helps keep my cuticles moisturized. I have also used the salve on insect bites and it takes the itch away (fantastic).
Thanks Shari