Care and Pampering in every jar - Freshly made using only natural ingredients!


When we say our products are all natural, this means:

Our products are made with no parabens, detergents, petrochemicals, artificial synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, or fragrances.

All the goodness of natural ingredients are mixed with precision and care to offer you products of unsurpassed quality that are good for your body.


Body Lotions

Our lotions are like a body cream in a bottle. You don't have to spend top dollar for an all natural therapeutic lotion!

Massage Oils & Muscle Rubs

Try our health inducing massage oils and/or muscle rubs and treat yourself and your partner to a luxurious massage therapy infused with aromatherapy experience.

Lip Balms

Lip care at its very BEST. Specifically forumated to help handle the dry Phoenician climate, MammaMichal's lip balms are invigorating and effective! With MammaMichal's lipcare say goodbye and good riddence to dry, cracked lips!

Herbal Healing Salve

Packed with anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflamatory and antbiotic properties, this is an all purpose healing salve intended as a first aid option to handle minor cuts, abrasions, burns, diaper rash, eczema, tattoo & piercing aftercare and more.


Don't forget to check out our pampering gift and holiday baskets. Each and every basket includes many treats including a bar of all natural hand made olive oil based soap that was sent from the Holy Land/Israel!


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