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The Therapeutic Line of MammaMichal's Muscle Rubs

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MammaMichal’s Hot Lava Rub

Can you stand the heat?

If so, then your sore muscles will demand MammaMichal’s Hot Lava Rub for a fast acting hot relief.

MammaMichal’s Hot Lava Rub provides relief for muscle aches and pains due to sprains and strains. Also, when applied, MammaMichal's Hot Lava Muscle Rub will not only give the desired heating effect to your muscles but since it includes menthol crystals in its base oils and Eucalyptus essential oil in its proprietary essential oil combination, you will receive congestion relief too!

 Used prior to physical activity, MammaMichal’s Hot Lava Rub helps keep muscles and joints warm and loose. This product is easy to apply and non greasy. It also provides relief from joint pain associated with arthritis. With shea butter, extra virgin olive oil and virgin sweet almond oil for its combination of oils, not only your muscles but also your skin will thank you for using MammaMichal’s Muscle Rub.

Directions: Apply liberally on the sore muscle or potential problem area and massage the rub in. Repeat as needed.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Sweet Almond Oil & Shea Butter infused with comfrey, cinnamon, bay leaves and alkanet root, menthol crystals, beeswax and a proprietary combination of essential oils.

Store at room temperature.

Avoid from contact with eyes! For External Use only!

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

Price: $20.00/2 oz. tin


"This is the best stuff! My husband pulled something in his back on sat doing yard work was in pain all day. I massaged his back sat night and he said the next morning all better. He LOVES Hot LAVA." Julicia H.

"I received my Hot Lava Muscle Rub last week. I recently finished a 10-week pain management program for fibromyalgia and arthritis. As part of my rehabilitation I am doing 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. The exercise often leaves my muscles and joints very sore. I used the rub on my knees the other night. First of all, the smell is WONDERFUL, unlike any muscle rub I've previously used. It smells yummy enough to eat! A very little bit went a very long way and gave the muscles around my knees the relief they needed after a long, active day. Thanks MammaMichal!" Kimberly M.

"I LOVE your products! That Muscle Rub is AMAZING! I do allot of construction work & I'm always sore. It melted my pain right away!! Love it!! Thank you! I'm going to have to order more for sure!!" Rebeca W.

"This works so well for tired and aching muscles and what surprises me so is how it absorbs into the skin so when you apply it does not end up wiping off on your clothes. Rub it into your skin and the smell is amaZing, wait a bit and you will begin to feel the warm relief on all your sore areas. Its ingredients include menthol crystals in its base oils and Eucalyptus essential oil so if you’re all stuffed up and congested this help you and your sinuses will thank you. I hope it’s okay to apply to chest and throat because this is where mom like to use it the most." Maria B.