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The Therapeutic Line of MammaMichal's Massage Oils

Loving Hands Massage Oil©

Massage Therapists - show your clients you invest in what you rub on their bodies, and they will appreciate you so much more!

Our experience working with oils renowned for their healthful traits for the skin, led to the selected combination we call: “MammaMichal’s Loving Hands Massage Oil”.
Loving Hands Massage Oil is infused with rose hips that are known to have a therapeutic effect on scars (including acne scars), eczema, skin burns (including sun burns). Our rose-hips infused oil also re-hydrates dry skin; repairs damaged skin cells of all sorts and is especially beneficial for mature, aging skin. Keeping with our all natural pledge, we use a proprietary blend of pure essential oils to scent our massage oil. The essential oils we chose are also renowned for skin healing, rejuvenating and calming traits and the outcome smells like the unique perfectly balanced floral & woodsy experience that is as pleasurable to the massage therapist as it is to the client.
We added vitamin E oil for its anti-oxidant properties. This provides for added longevity of our oils as well as fantastic for the skin.
With MammaMichal’s Loving Hands Massage Oil, you get massage therapy infused with Aromatherapy. By doing so, you show your clients you are making an educated investment in their overall well being.


Virgin almond oil, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, castor oil infused with rose hips, vitamin E oil, and a proprietary blend of essential oils.

Price: $20.00/8 fl. oz. in a cobalt blue glass bottle ($4.95 s&h in the USA / $11.95 s&h to Canada)



Wholesale/discount prices are available for bulk purchases
(5 bottles or more). Contact us for details.

Arnica Massage Oil

Are you pregnant? Are you servicing pregnant women?

At MammaMichal we understand the importance of preparing the body for the big moment of giving birth. After conducting long and through research, we are happy to offer our Peri-Preparation Massage oil that will help minimizing the risk of tearing, if applied/massaged daily during the last trimester. This oil is unscented and it is infused with Arnica Montana flowers, which has been traditionally used for soothing muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and heal wounds. It is often the first remedy used for injuries such as sprains and bruises as well as for treating sore muscles. Although it was originally intended for perineum massage, you can most certainly use it on other parts of the body.


Virgin sweet almond oil infused with Arnica Montana flowers & vitamin E oil.

Price: $18.00/2 Fl. oz. in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a glass dropper.

*Canadian customers: please add $5.99 for s&h fee.




Wholesale/discount prices are available for bulk purchases.
(5 bottles or more)

Caution: Arnica should only be applied to unbroken skin as it promotes blood circulation and may increase bleeding of wounds.